Our tradition

With a large market experience in the food industry, Brioxa is distinguished by the products made in the traditional way, hereby, preserving the true traditional flavours.

Its best known product are the Muffins, that stands out from the competition due to its flavor and quality, only achieved due to the manufacture in the homemade way and use of quality ingredients in the confection.

The end result is the well known Muffins of higher and traditional flavor, so well known by the Portugueses.

Our factory

Brioxa began with a floor space of 20m2 and currently has a huge warehouse dedicated solely to the production and packaging of their products.

In addition to the known Muffins, this company also produces other products such as: cookies, sliced bread, milk bread, croissants, hamburguer bread, among others…
Our factory is located in the inner north and it is surrounded by a beautiful wild and natural landscape, where is still preserve typical houses built in natural stone, as well known in the north of Portugal.

Our collaboration and propagation of products 100% portuguese

Another major Brioxa bet is to purchase products directly from regional producers, helping in Portuguese regional development.
With tradition and Brioxa quality control we bring to your table the best that Portugal has to offer.